The Little One: Embarrassed!

My children definitely want to drive me insane. My little sweetie pie, my magical unicorn baby had a terrible day last Friday. I mean TERRIBLE. He was sent home. Okay, I partially feel bad because my first mind was to keep him home that morning because he was not feeling good. Well that's still no… Continue reading The Little One: Embarrassed!

Goddess Operating

I feel brave. I've done these same things before but now with confidence. I can say no and not feel guilty. I can say yes and then set boundaries. No one knows the battles I fight with myself daily, trying to make sure everyone is good. Now I hate to see you mad but I'm… Continue reading Goddess Operating

So my littlest little is headed to big boy school... Rewind Why the hell do I talk like that to everyone now. Big boy school? This has to be annoying to people who don't have toddlers. I'm telling you they have more influence than anyone else in your life. This little boy has me dancing… Continue reading

I pray

Dear God, Please protect my children. Protect them from the streets, from themselves and anyone against them. God, give them the wisdom and knowledge to make it in this crazy world. Help them to feel your presence whenever they need you and help them to bold so they may call on you when they are… Continue reading I pray