You know the feeling when you been running around all day and you finally get a chance to sit. The empty feeling in the pit of your stomach is saying you need to get back up you missed something. You are starving! I get this feeling all the time, I love to eat. I don’t mean physically I mean spiritually. I sit down at the end of a day and feel so hungry. I did all that I did and my spirit is on empty. All that running around and still feel like you got nothing accomplished. When throughout the day did I consult with God about the situation? Did I read my daily scripture so that in my decisions I would ask myself is that godly? What did I let persuade me today? What did I eat and who did I eat with? Who called to gossip and complain with me, who spirit took a part in my day? There are so many influence’s in the world around us, and we pay them no mind. Our mind is paying them tho because we hear you and see you. Without us trying our minds and spirits are taking notes. Teaching us how to feel and how to react to certain situations. If that’s all the food we eat that’s all we have.  So why not start the day with something that can hold you through out the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of day. So get full! Listen to inspiration podcast, read your daily bread, write down what your grateful for… If you need a snack before your next good meal just say a quick prayer. Check and make sure what your eating is fueling you. Food is one thing you can’t live without so don’t forget to eat.

My Piercing

On July 17th I left work with a Migraine. It was hard for me to concentrate on driving. I was nauseous and dizzy, hot and my eyes were glazing over. I had to pray so hard to make it to get my baby and go home. Once I got to him his sweet teacher seen how miserable I looked and offered me nausea medicine. I had been taking migraine meds (homeopathic) all day. Nothing usually works this time of the month. Nobody but God made the medicine work as fast as it did. Because it took the edge right off. We made it home safely and I got straight in the bed and stayed there until that night. When I woke I could still feel the lingering feeling of a migraine and I had my husband take me to get the Daith Piercing. I’ve heard about it and looked it up but I kept putting it off. I was not waiting anymore. I will admit I was hopeful but still doubtful. Well I didn’t have to be because it was everything I hoped for. I’ve only had it 2 days now but I feel so much better. This is usually my most crucial headache time and I feel great. Placebo effect my butt!! I am so grateful and I recommend it to anybody suffering from migraines. Bonus, it is a very cute piercing and it did not hurt when I got it.

Super Happy

You ever just wake up Super Happy. Like then you got up on some real inspirational stuff. Today if you need a word of encouragement call me. Anybody from anywhere because life is good right here right now. I can do anything right now, start my book, start a yoga class, all of it. This is the new joy I’m seeking every morning. I’m gonna wake up and smile, kiss my babies and decide this is close enough to perfect. Surround yourself with beautiful things and beautiful people. Treat your body to a workout, a stretch,some meditation. Find out what it takes to reach those goals and take the first step. Go ahead and accept that invitation to go hang out with some new folks. Kiss your kids and much as you like, teach them to be happy and to have fun. Don’t let things you can’t control have your attention. Do all that you can and nothing more. Don’t please everyone please who is necessary. Don’t allow dark spirits to dim you but you to lighten them. Call your friends on your lunch break and laugh, or make a date to go dancing. Be focused and don’t give up. Keep pushing your way to the top or build a new top. Be Super Happy!

Not Everyone is For Your Children…

I was talking to a friend today and it really had me thinking. As a parent deciding who can and can not be around your children is important and can be heart breaking. I know once we have children we think about the impression others can have on them. How conversation can turn into curiosity. We don’t our kids to have to hear things they won’t comprehend before it’s time. We realize growing up that every one is not to be around your child. It can be an adult that was raised in a way that we do not encourage and just may be to intense when it comes to parenting. It can be another child that is more mature or one who is dealing with some issues. Our children’s innocence can make them a target for other children. I love people and I’m glad they want to be apart of our lives but I can’t just allow anyone to be around. Not even my own family members. My family means a lot to me but that does not give them a pass. I always pay attention to how my children act when people come around. If they seem different I need to know why. If they seem scared I need to know why. Also I make myself available at anytime. I know a lot of children or just ignored when there are people are around or the grown ups are talking, but I’m never to busy to listen. I want to know when someone said something inappropriate to you or made you feel uncomfortable. I had a nephew that would tell my son in order to scare him. He would leave and I couldn’t get my son to go to sleep he was so scared. If he hadn’t told me he would’ve been scared forever and I would not have been able to help. Sometimes it’s completely innocent but other times it’s not. We as parents have to protect them the best way we can. If my son acts like he’s a gangster when he gets around a certain groups of kids I see that. Guess where he won’t be hanging out? Until I feel like he can be the same kid at home everywhere else he’ll just be at home. I need them to understand they are their own person. You do only what you want to do and if you think you want to do it and it feels wrong don’t do it. One little mistake can change the course of their lives. Pay attention to our babies and other people’s babies because we all want what’s best for them. Correct them in a loving way, make them feel important. Sometimes somebody saying something was all they needed to want to do what’s right. Nobody will have your children’s back like you so pay attention, and never be to busy to listen. (even if their not talking-watch their body language)