Not Traditional

I love being married to Brodrick Walker. I always wanted to be married but I never really planned being a wife. I know that makes no sense. I honestly don’t even see myself as marriage material. I do the things that people think a wife is suppose to do but not because i’m a wife. I only do things that seem natural to me, and that goes for every part of my life. I don’t like the thought that someone is suppose to basically worship you and honor everything you do to make you happy. I mean how unreal is that, and the pressure! Like why do that to someone you love. I have to do things for me and not always care what someone else thinks because I know what I need for me. I am so glad my husband gets that. Cause baby he would have to set me free. As far as worshiping the ground I walk on he more like shakes the ground I walk on lol. He definitely believes that honesty is the best way and I couldn’t agree more. How many people know that the truth ain’t always nice. I am sensitive and baby he will break a sister down, but I love him for that. I can’t go around pretending to be a good person and doing all kinds of reckless stuff in the background. I swear he will call me out in the middle of me trying to cover up the dirt. It’s not something I want all the time but he definitely forces me to be a better person. He may say he has a good wife but only because he makes me a good wife. I’m telling you GOD thought of everything when he made him for me. He thought about his reactions, his understanding , his brain function, everything. We spend on entire marriage trying to understand each other. I have a hard time trying to say what I mean but he let’s nothing rest and we always get to the bottom of it. We don’t ignore problems we find a solution and that’s how I know it’s real. I wake everyday knowing I get to be married to the best man on this side of heaven and I don’t even have to follow the rules. lol I mean we did make up our own but that’s different.

Dragon Lady

Confession: I am to much human. I want everyone to be happy and everything to be perfect. Omg, I exhaust myself. This is where my moodiness comes creeping in. I’m super tired, then my toddler is crying because the show he was watching went to commercial. If not that my oldest didn’t pick up the stuff I asked him to and the dogs tore it up. If not that my husband is not my husband got a plate of ketchup next to the bed. Bruh…I’m so irritated.  I been rolling my eyes and yelling all the kids til I’m going to sleep. Fix it Jesus! What should I do? I think I need to wake up earlier, work out or do some yoga. Reading my book or bible. Ya’ll pray for my family, because I’m a dragon at this point and I’m scaring myself. P.S this happens every 2 to 3 months so I have to change this now.

Family woman

She cooks she cleans

she works and makes

sure everyone is good. She

eats last and barely sleeps.

She tired sometimes shes

angry, but mostly shes just grateful.

She feels such joy waking up in the morning.

There is nothing she wants more

then a loving family that can’t imagine

life without her.


find you…

If you get lost, don’t yell

until someone comes. Start

walking and paying attention

to the details. Look at the sky and find

the light, observe the brightness.

Listen to your inner voice and go the

direction you feel. Be patient and

take your time, you don’t want to panic

and get to tired to go on. No one wants to

die lost.